HI welcome to the latest page in EIGTHTH WONDERS OF THE WORLD! Today we'll be taking a look at a notorious creature of the night!! Not just that, but it's rumored to be EXTRATERRESTRIAL! THat's right! AN ALIEN!!


DFDDThe fellow we'll be looking at today is only known as APOLLO, a mysterious, mischevious being that's said to have predicted hundreds of people's deaths!! Here's an image of a sighting that was spread aoruind like WILD FIRE until some kinda company tried to take it down or whatever. Nothing ever truly goes away on the internet!! Ha!

ANYWAY - one of the weirdest things about this guy is that he can NEEEVER be photographed normally. Yeah! Every single pic of this thing comes out blurry and he;s always a sillhouete. Weird huh?? Real weird.


A pencil drawing of Apollo Elvine. His eye is more lemon-shaped, his figure is slim and curvy, and he has a bouquet of flowers beside him, hovering.It's also said that he appears RIGHT before DISASTER STRIKES! DOes he cause it - or does he warn of it?? While I think he warns of it he's also said to be a bit annoying to listen to - so i would nt be surprised if he caused it. He's also a psychic?? Weeeiird!!! Even tho hes so rarely seen even with disasters and stuff, and hes hard to remember (kinda like other aliens) people REALLY rememebr his voice! They say it sounds like a different font than everyone else which I cant even BEGIN 2 imagine. Wow.... If you have any pictures or whatever of this guy SEND THEM TO ME!!! This little guys so unknown but should definitley be seen more!!